When the adverse forces clash, he finds harmony. Balancing between geometry and distortion, mathematical precision and intuitive finishing touches, traditional craftsmanship and creation of new techniques, Paul Bik explores what lays at the boundary between contrasts.


His work, in both process and the outcome, reflects his personality.  Introvert by heart, he alienates himself in the quiet, elaborate process of creating precise forms just to deharmonize them with extravert, imperfect, statement-like final gestures. Yet, the tension they bring is subtle enough not to let the imbalance dominate the final message. Duality coexists in peace, just like the one artist finds in the semi-meditative state of honest, time-consuming craftsmanship. The sense of calm is easily transferred to the viewers.


Bik aims for the essence of harmony - not by repetition of forms but bringing the unity to, often opposed, parts of his compositions. He works mostly with wood, cardboard, resin, plaster and paint, mixing traditional and original techniques. Light and shadows, casted by geometrical shapes, add another element to the decomposition, beyond artist’s control. Monochromatic and raw, the forms are far from cold. They allure with textures, giving a strong haptic, sensual impression. The compositions are always abstract. To Bik, this is the most personal form of art, a reflection of the artist’s true self.



Born in 1979 in Warsaw, Poland. Lives and works in Milan, Italy